BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox is a neurotoxin, which essentially unplugs a nerve from a muscle temporarily. While that sounds like it would be a bad idea, it actually works out quite well for certain conditions. Originally, Botox was used for spastic facial conditions. It achieved the goal of improving people’s lives. Eventually the use of Botox expanded into cosmetic uses, relaxing muscles that cause unattractive expressions to make the face look less worried and more youthful. It also can prevent lines and creases from forming over the course of time. The biggest advantage and disadvantage of Botox is its temporary nature. If the patient doesn’t like their response (and it is rare), then all one needs to do is wait and the result is reversed. Unlike most temporary treatments in plastic surgery, Botox actually has a better response as you continue therapy. It is common to see great enthusiasm in Botox patients, because each treatment can work out even better than the last one.




Restylane is the commercial name of the injectable known as hyaluronic acid. Used worldwide, it is very similar to one type of collagen injection but provides longer-lasting results. Long lasting results are the goal of every plastic surgeon and this new material is a giant step in that direction. The gel is injected in the lips or lines after a local anesthesia block and the results are immediate. Best of all, there is no test dose and waiting period required so the treatment is immediately available to patients.  



  Eyelid Surgery
  Neck Lift
  Chin Augmentation
  Breast Augmentation
  Breast Reduction
  Breast Lift
  Breast Reconstruction
  Tummy Tuck
  Lower Body Lift
  Arm Lift


  BOTOX® Cosmetic

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